IGZ Instruments, Teledyne ISCO Webinar – Water and Wastewater

Teledyne ISCO Webinar – Water and Wastewater

18 July 2023 – 14:00

How Teledyne ISCO data service tools make your life easier and more productive

Straightforward, budget-friendly cellular service and powerful software to manage and analyze water data at the touch of a button. How to do it? Find out with us.

In this 45-minute webinar with interactive Q&A, Product Specialist Rick Dey and Product Support Specialist Dennis McGinnis present the features and benefits of two powerful data services products from Teledyne ISCO. We discuss how they interact with each other and with our flowmeters and samplers.


Dedicated wireless service with setup, account management and customer support – all from Teledyne ISCO. Currently available in the United States, ICell takes the hassle out of finding the right wireless service at the right price and setting it up to work correctly right away. During the webinar, we will show you a practical example of how ICell works with our 6712 sampler and modern flowmeters.

Flowlink® Cipher

Flowlink Cipher is the latest evolution of Teledyne ISCO’s Flowlink range of data management solutions. Our cloud-based data analytics software protects your data with up-to-date cybersecurity measures. With Cipher, you can view your data anywhere, anytime. During the webinar, we will show you what Cipher can do, how it works, and what it represents to Teledyne ISCO’s continued innovation and leading product lines.

We invite you to join Teledyne ISCO in exploring robust ways to work remotely to save the time, hassle and expense of cumbersome, and in some cases dangerous, site visits with ICell and Flowlink Cipher. Just sign up using the link below and we’ll see you on July 18.

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IGZ Instruments, Teledyne ISCO Webinar – Water and Wastewater

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