The future of rotavators is here!

Are you working with rotavators? If so, let us introduce you to the newest product on the market. Who would have thought that a rotavapor could be more efficient? No one, but that changes now!

Ecodyst Benchtop and Large Scale

All models use a revolutionary tankless cooling technology that is continuously available, provides sustainable temperature control, increases productivity, allows for instrumentation with a reduced footprint, and has low associated operating costs.

  • Achieve energy savings of 50 – 80%.
  • Cut your system startup time by up to 75%.
  • Eliminate hazardous chiller fluids.
  • Greatly reduce your operating costs.
  • Sustainable temperature control
  • Cools down in less than 5 min to -40°C and in one minute to -20°C
  • Evaporate less than one mL up to 200 L
IGZ Instruments, The future of rotavators is here!

Future Labs Live 2024

If you’re tired of reading e-mails about the newest lab innovations and would rather see it in person, you might just get the chance to do so.

Come visit us at Future Labs Live, 25.-27. June 2024 at Congress Center Basel. Our experts are welcoming you at booth no. 48 and are looking forward to consult you.

IGZ Instruments, The future of rotavators is here!

The perfect match for your (new) NextGen 300+

We have special deals with a combination of a NextGen 300+ and a Ecodyst! Safe money for two new products!

Our bundles:

  • Buy a NextGen 300+ UV-VIS and get a Ecochyll X1 condenser for free!
  • Buy a NextGen 300+ UV-VIS + ELSD and get a Hydrogen H1 for free!
  • Special bundle with Hydrogen performance!
IGZ Instruments, The future of rotavators is here!


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