The latest from LAUDA

The pioneering model series from LAUDA:

  • With the Mobifreeze, we present the world’s first mobile, battery-powered ultra-low temperature freezer.
  • The Universa range produces innovative bath and circulation thermostats that meet your requirements for precision and reliability.
  • The Ultratemp sets new standards with its impressive heating and cooling performance.

Immerse yourself in the future of temperature control with LAUDA!

Mobifreeze - The first mobile, battery-powered ultra-low temperature freezer

LAUDA Mobifreeze

The first mobile ultra-low temperature freezer

LAUDA Mobifreeze is the world’s first battery-powered, mobile ultra-low temperature freezer. The Mobifreeze is ideal for use in various sectors, from the food and pharmaceutical industries to the logistics sector. It has never been easier to transport and store sensitive products safely.

  • Optimum product temperatures from -86 to -50°C
    The temperature is freely adjustable between -50 and -86 °C with identical constancy as is usual with validated stationary appliances. This creates controlled transport conditions and ensures seamless integration of the cold chain.
  • Powerful integrated battery
    The battery enables a holding time of up to four hours at a working temperature of -80°C.
  • Convenient touchscreen operation
    The brilliant 4.3-inch touchscreen even works with gloves – an invaluable advantage in the laboratory.
  • Easy and safe maneuverability
    The ergonomic grab handles provide a secure hold and the dead man’s brake ensures additional safety. The base plate and wheels are also secured with impact protection.
IGZ Instruments, The latest from LAUDA

Universa - Bath and Circulation Thermostats

LAUDA Universa

Universal temperature control

Powerful, sustainable, digital and modular – the new, innovative LAUDA Universa appliance line offers a comprehensive range of bath and circulation thermostats in three primary performance classes. With the three variants Universa ECO, Universa PRO and Universa MAX, all requirements are met, from low-cost entry-level devices to high-performance professional thermostats.

  • Efficient refrigeration technology
    Frequency-controlled compressors reduce power consumption to a minimum
  • Performance
    All bath thermostats are designed for both internal and external temperature control applications
  • Sustainability
    With less than 100g, only a minimal amount of natural refrigerant is required
  • Connectivity
    All variants are equipped with USB, Ethernet and WLAN interfaces as standard
IGZ Instruments, The latest from LAUDA

Ultratemp - Process Thermostats

LAUDA Ultratemp

Powerful temperature control

The process thermostats in the Ultratemp range, on the other hand, offer high cooling and heating capacity. With its precise temperature control and impressive performance, the Ultratemp is the ideal solution for demanding applications in laboratory and industrial environments.

  • Powerful and dynamic
    With outputs of 25 to 50 kW, large external volumes in the range from -5 to 60°C can be heated and cooled quickly
  • Simple operation and remote monitoring
    Intuitive operation takes place directly on the device via function buttons and an LCD. The devices can also be controlled via an integrated web server on a PC.
  • Robust and easy to clean
    The high-quality stainless steel housing is protected against splashing water and makes it easy to clean the surfaces.
IGZ Instruments, The latest from LAUDA


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